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Online Dating

OMD – I keep receiving date requests to attend Halloween parties and I need help picking a date. So far I have narrowed my choices down. What do you think? Who should I pick? I can really use help with any online dating secrets, tips, advice . . .

The Cross Dresser



Pirate Dog

Update – Wednesday, October 20
I’m taking advice and holding out for more. Check these out.

dog dressed as a musician

dog dressed in plane costume for Halloween


Update – Thursday, October 21
OMD, I don’t know how I’m ever going to narrow down my choices for a Halloween date. I’m still undecided – what about this one?



Update – Sunday, October 24th
This is getting tough. Check these out. Tell me what you think?

bad boy dog in costume

dog in cheerleader costume

funny dog costume

My intuition leans towards #3. Yoda, he reminds me of…yea, a kind of goofy, fun loving Yoda…but he looks harmless. If you want kink, my hunch is to go for # 4. And I’d also suggest that you meet up in a public place the first time for a harmless bowl of water and a couple of gourmet dog biscuits. Good luck, Goldie…
19 October 10 at 06:41
cristina acevedo
I like number 2. I even asked my granddaughter Sierra and she also right away picked him. He looks like he is a bodybuilder. You will surely feel like you have more in common with this guy. Both of you have strong bodies, but yet have that same stare and are very cute look at the same time.
19 October 10 at 13:52
Juan Antonioa
It’s all in the eyes goldie, look at what’s in the eyes…
19 October 10 at 14:31
@ Linda. I think the Yoda wants to teach me a lesson a two and that’s probably not a bad idea. But what if he uses the force on me?
19 October 10 at 14:42
geno lopez
You better be careful Goldie, No. 1 looks like a cross dresser ? ?
19 October 10 at 16:36
back @ Goldie: If he does you probably need it…go with the flow…smile…
19 October 10 at 23:08
chris cross
Hey Goldie, have you picked a date yet for Halloween?
21 October 10 at 04:50
chris cross
Geno this is a Halloween costume. I don’t dress like this all the time. Well maybe I do, but only on a few other occasions.
21 October 10 at 05:00
Sorry about that Chris. My Uncle kinda gets a little bit over protective.
21 October 10 at 06:41
OMD – I can’t decide and now I have more prospects. Help!!
21 October 10 at 06:44
Maria Ivanova
i think the first or the 4th or u gotta wait for more 😀 he is such an airplane :DDD cuteeee
21 October 10 at 07:27
I like number 5. He seems to have the whole Bret Michaels rocker look going. Number 4 kind of scares me… Just remember to always let a friend know where you’re going to be during your first date so that if anything happens you’ll always have a watch dog.
21 October 10 at 07:28
Mary Alvarez
Well Goldie they are all too cute, but I like #6
21 October 10 at 13:50
wow….i would have to pick #6….a man that could take you to the sky and see the stars is a man for you…and u must admit he looks hot in those goggles….luv ya…high paws!!!
21 October 10 at 14:06
Willie Crook
I say the Air Force Dog!
22 October 10 at 04:08
Laura Foresythe
No.6 Oh I like this one!
22 October 10 at 04:37
Carlos Garcia
Definitely this one, Goldie Girl. You would look hot standing next to this one. No 6.
22 October 10 at 05:57
How funny Goldie. No. 7 looks like he could be your double.
22 October 10 at 06:44
Kelly Nobel
I’d vote for the Air Force guy. He would have your back( not literally Goldie) and he has a fine body. He also puts up w/that ridiculous airplane on his back which proves he is a lot of fun and doesn’t take himself too seriously.
22 October 10 at 13:46
Eszter Delgado
My vote for seven!
23 October 10 at 03:41
Oh Goldie. It is wonderful that you are so popular and those guys are so creative. Oh yum. I Can’t wait to see who you pick and what you will look like. Patricia T
23 October 10 at 04:30
patricia M. Tavenner
Hi Goldie I too like the Air Force Guy. I think their uniforms are neat. Maybe he will fly on Halloween. Love. Patricia
23 October 10 at 13:30
I was told during our “family” discussion that I will need a chaperone with my date on Halloween. Don’t you think this will cramp my style?
23 October 10 at 15:03
Aneka Amezcua
You don’t want me to tell you my idea Goldie. Ask your mom and dad 🙂
24 October 10 at 15:47
Goldie, I go with either #2 or #6…I don’t think the others suit you. And as for a chaperone, I am with your Mom & Dad on this. It won’t cramp your style…it will just show that you are a lady being brought up right. I remember those chaperone days…
26 October 10 at 04:21
OMD….Goldie….u gotta a bad dog on the list….PLEASE PLEASE stay away from that one….i still see # 6 as the best choice…..and as far as a chaperone goes….i wouldn’t want it any other way Goldie….i NEED to know u will be safe on ur first date….luv ya luv ya luv ya bunches…xoxo
26 October 10 at 13:52
My vote is for #1. The pink wig shows courage and confidence. Also, no one else seems to be voting for #1 and well…remember the super powers of “underdog”? You never know what may lie beneath the surface of the pink wig.
27 October 10 at 23:20
Lise Creurer
i say “go for playful” – so, my shortlist would include 2, 6, 8 (sometimes a good girl needs some bad fun), 9 okay, this one might be just plain goofy).
27 October 10 at 23:26
I like the “bad dog” costume. It’s too cute!
28 October 10 at 00:35
28 October 10 at 00:37
I’m diggin # 10 goldie!
28 October 10 at 00:38
Christopher Labuen
I vote for Prospect No. 4 because bulimia is in right now.
28 October 10 at 00:38
I Believe Number 6 is the perfect date he can fly a plane and can fly her to the MOON i think thats DOGMANTIC!
28 October 10 at 00:38
I say prospect 2, You cant go wrong with DINODOG!
28 October 10 at 00:39
Only #7. All of the rest will break your heart. He is the only one that looks sincere. The rest all have an attitude problem. ok, #10 also looks sincere, but a little too eager. 9 is not confident, 8 will be narcissistic, 6 can’t see, 5 – well, you can never count on a musician, 4 is only pretending to be macho, 3 is not smart enough, 2 gets embarrasssed to easily, and # 1, well, puh-leez, don’t do it. go for #7, girlfriend.
28 October 10 at 00:40
i vote for sitting bull #10. him and crazy horse were prety awesome during the 1800s.
28 October 10 at 00:42
Jerry Shirley
The only one that I think is acceptable is No 6. You can tell he is all about class an isnt embarrassed to show off what he’s got. Look at the confidence! He is the kind of guy that doesnt play games, pulls out the chair for his date, and isnt afraid if everything goes well to kiss her goodnight.. This is the kind of guy that will send flowers when asking for a second date.. There no other choice as I see it..; )
28 October 10 at 00:43
Well let’s see…dating is kinda like an open box of See’s Chocolates left on your counter and all the good ones are always gone…the one’s left or “available” have already been tasted and are left behind for a reason…you are pretty much SOL Goldie…so it’s best to network at gatherings with family and friends for a hook-up…Regards
28 October 10 at 04:47
I say No. 2 but No. 5 looks like they know how to have fun. I don’t know what kind of advice I can give you about online dating. Just be careful. You don’t actually any of these dogs…they could be a craqzy serial killer. Let me know how it goes.
Good luck
28 October 10 at 06:45
May the force be with you Goldie!!!
Propsect #3 4sho…. Get ur YODA On…….!!!
28 October 10 at 14:05
Why is it so hard to say “yes” or “no” to a date?
28 October 10 at 20:28
I told Goldie she has to pick. So if you have any final words of wisdom to share about online dating or want to comment on who you think she should choose let her know asap.
28 October 10 at 22:57
When in doubt, don’t.
28 October 10 at 23:04
Kelly Nobel
Keep in mind, Goldie, this is just a date, albeit your first:) One should not ‘judge a book by it’s cover'(that’s people talk…ask your parents to explain.) You don’t have to marry the guy! And for Dog’s sake, don’t let him sweet talk you into something you may regret later…OH, I forgot! your being chaperoned!
28 October 10 at 23:11
Thanks for all the tips, advice and votes. I decided on Wolfgang the pilot. He said he will fly me to the moon. Can’t wait!!
29 October 10 at 15:32
Yenessie Colsa
Thumb up!
29 October 10 at 15:38
My cousin Xotchil will be my chaperone. We are going to have fun, fun, fun!
29 October 10 at 15:40
Yenessie Colsa
Great choice! He looks like the intellectual kind…he even inspired my Halloween costume this year…Have FUN!!
29 October 10 at 15:45
Good choice Goldie, but I am a little nervous about the moon idea.
29 October 10 at 15:46
Norma Amezcua
Good choice, Goldie….can’t remember which one I picked for you but I think he was one of them. I’ve always liked a man in uniform!
29 October 10 at 15:54
Carlos Garcia
I’m sure Xotchil will make sure he doesn’t lay any paws on you!
29 October 10 at 19:24
Mary Alvarez
Good choice Goldie, hope you have a great time.
29 October 10 at 19:33
Laura Foresythe
Yay! Go Wolfgang!
30 October 10 at 07:49
#6 the adventurer, certain to be fun!
31 October 10 at 20:31
Was hoping to have some photos to share but Wolfgang called to say that could not keep his “Trick or Treating” date with me. He said he ate his master’s homework and ended up in the hospital. Even my chaperone ditched me, but that’s ok. I had a great time with the witches.
3 November 10 at 18:49
OMD…well Mr. Wolfgang missed out on a GREAT time…only if he knew how much fun you would of made the nite…and I’m sorry Goldie…but NO second chances for him…you deserve sooo much better…love ya n high paws…xoxo
4 November 10 at 14:40