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Good Girl Goldie

aka Goldie Garcia

Meet Goldie

My name is Goldie Garcia and for those of you that do not know me, my human masters forbid me from playing the entrancing and potentially addictive Internet game known as FarmVille. Now, to make a long story short…I discovered my human father, Carlos Garcia enjoying this very game that I had been banned from playing. Oh yes, it’s true and I was quite upset. But hold on – it gets worse.

My master actually tried to appease me one day with some crazy story that his mother (my human grandmother Cuca Garcia) once told him about the existence of a fourth wiseman. He shared this story with me because I told my Facebook friends that I wanted to ask Santa for a farm. Well he laughed at me and said, “You’re a dog Goldie. Santa does not bring gifts to animals. It’s the fourth wiseman.” He further stated that this wiseman had the powers to grant the wishes to animals. So, after hearing this incredible story (considering how gullible I can be at times), I embarked on a journey to find the fourth wiseman with the help of my Facebook friends.

…Many months went by and this is the essence of the story as it appeared on Facebook.





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