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Just saw what CBS in Palm Springs had to say about Mom’s art exhibit and you, of course. Great job!
14 September 10 at 02:29
OMD – Did you tape it? Did they show my store? Maybe we can post it here on my blog.
14 September 10 at 02:35
Mary Maurry
Golide, I’m so proud of you and your mom for the things you are doing. Just saw what CBS in Palm Springs said about you and your adventures.
Great job.
15 September 10 at 01:30
Cristina Acevedo
Getting ready to go visit your mom’s exhibit, taking Grandma Garcia. I know this is a big accomplishment for you. You and your search brought a lot of people together, working towards one goal. To find the 4th Magi. It was a lot of fun. Thanks Goldie. The exhibit is going to be great.
15 September 10 at 17:33
Hey I saw your art displayed in Pomona (or was it Claremont?) the other day and thought I’d check out the site! good luck! =)
12 October 10 at 23:18
Have fun at the dogathon Goldie
25 June 11 at 07:10